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Cecotec Juice & Live 3000 Easy Clean


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Product details of Cecotech Juice & Live 3000 Easy Clean

  • Cold-press juicer that extracts more juice from fruits and vegetables, maintains the natural properties and avoids oxidation.
  • The innovative EasyClean filter has an exclusive design without stainless steel to get rid of any fruit pulp, allowing for quick, easy cleaning without having to use a brush.
  • Slow Juicer cold-press system with a slow 50 rpm speed. Extracts juice with soft cold pressure for a minimised nutrient loss and uses a mashing screw that presses fruits instead of blending them.
  • XXL inlet mouth, introduce whole fruits and vegetables.
  • One of the most silent systems in the market, as conventional juices reach 95 dB.
  • Non-drip tip that avoids splashes and allows for the best mixes. It can be cleaned with a single cup of water, allowing you to reuse it immediately.
  • Tritan drum and jar, BPA-free environmentally-friendly material.
  • Double-output drum that automatically separates the juice from the pulp.
  • It allows you to prepare delicious and healthy juices, smoothies and even almond or hazelnut drinks and ice creams with frozen fruit.
  • 3 settings: Stop, On and Reverse to mix juice and unblock clogged fruit.
  • Includes jar for juice and for pulp.
  • Compact juicer with built-in parts.
  • 150-W DC motor to process fruits and vegetables without efforts.
  • All parts can be easily and quickly disassembled, and are dishwasher safe.
  • Security System with safety closing system. It only operates when it is properly assembled.
  • Includes pusher and cleaning brush included.