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Occaffe Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules - Lungo, Crema & Ristretto 10 Pods, Pack of 3 Set 1



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Expiration(MM-DD-YYYY): 08/31/2023

Lungo - An intense and prolonged pleasure, an enveloping emotion among the aromatic notes of cocoa, spicy almonds, and toasted nuts that melts in the perfect contrast of an at once intense delicate blend; decisive but smooth, velvety but rich.

Expiration(MM-DD-YYYY): 08/10/2023
Crema - An enveloping aroma, sweet and robust, creamy, scented with captivating nutty nuances, where the sweet and sour notes are set against a rich taste of unsweetened cocoa. Blended flavours that leave a velvety taste in the mouth

Expiration:(MM-DD-YYYY)  08/31/2023
Ristretto - One is immediately captured by the sweet-sour and creamy notes that envelope the palate in a waltz of intense and precious flavours with clear hints of dark chocolate, almonds, and nuts in a fruity context. A full and captivating blend that perfectly combines sweetness, delicacy, intensity, and density.