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Cecotec EnergySilence Aero 5300 Black&Wood Design


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"Cecotec EnergySilence Aero 5300 Black&Wood Design 30 W and 52” ceiling fan with DC motor, LED light, remote control, 6 speed settings, timer and winter-summer mode. Great power, 30 W and high-performance copper motor that increases air flow and freshness feeling, offering maximum liability and durability.
• Its DC motor improves the fan’s operating, increasing efficiency and consuming less energy. Moreover, its operating is extremely silent.
• Wide diameter, 52” (132 cm) that increases the fresh air coverage area. System composed of 3 totally innovating and aerodynamic blades, designed to maximize air flow and ensure constant fresh-air flow.
• The fan has a 22 W LED lamp that turns it into a useful hybrid unit. Enjoy light and a perfect environment at home in the most economical and effective way.
• Easy and simple control thanks to its remote control.
• Choose from its 6 operating speeds in order to adjust the air flow intensity to your needs.
• Its timer allows selecting the desired operating time, 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours, and then the device turns automatically off.
• The fan includes a motor-turnaround system in order to operate the summer and winter function. The blades direction is selected by means of a switch, in one direction during summer in order to produce a pleasant breeze and in the opposite during winter, to push hot air stuck in the ceiling towards the floor. Perfect to complement your heating system. Control it from the remote control.

• Includes Natural breeze function. Once a specific speed is set, the fan is capable of adapting the air flow to the speed setting considering the environment. This results in a smoother and much more pleasant cooking